Your first little Brother!

Ich hab ZapfCreation nie gemocht.
Ich brauch einen Haarschnitt.
Und falls ihr euch wundert: Ja, ich habe die Blog-URL geändert.

I need a haircut.
And if you wonder: Yes, i changed the blog-URL.


Mind if i take this seat?

I really should get a remote release!
you have no idea how it hard it was to run and get into that pose in 10 seconds! :D Ouch


Good Morning

Wake up in the morning with a ray of sunshine on your face.
What is your favorite thing to wake up to?


Oben kurz, unten lang

Ich glaube der Titel erklärt was ich meine.

Kurzer Rock / High Waisted Shorts und Boots!

Bilder via Lookbook